Breeder Testimonies ~ Ellen Moon of GoldenMoon Labradors

We have been involved with Labrador Retrievers for over 25 years and actively breeding for 20yrs. My journey with The Life’s Abundance Family began  in April 2002 when I became an Executive Field Rep..  After seeing the technical information on the dog food label and actually being able to speak personally with Dr Jane Bicks & staff ~  Life’s Abundance Dog Food, Supplements, Ultra Refined Fish Oil, & biweekly conference calls with detailed scientifically supported information & answers from the formulator of the food herself…  WOW! …I  became a believer!  As a conscientious breeder of Labrador Retrievers, I needed the best dog food to produce the best product  ~  Healthy Puppies.

From pregnancy, whelping, weaning, to old age – Life’s Abundance and LA Products are the ULTIMATE –plus I actually get paid in more ways than one (healthy dogs plus residual income) to use and promote these WONDERFUL PRODUCTS.  Our new puppy owners are required to feed Life’s Abundance for the first 2 yrs of their new puppy’s life. This is the absolute best start nutritionally – esp. for long bone growth – for  the health of their newest family member. I am able to track that through my replicator sight and the company does all the bookkeeping for me – no orders to keep track of or products to deliver, etc.

As a breeder, trainer, obedience teacher, competitive participant in conformation, obedience, hunt & field events, tracking, rally, and agility with tested and registered Therapy Dogs, HEALTH is my 1st and main priority. When people (from prospective puppy owners to judges) see our dog’s health and run fingers through our poochie’s thick, luscious, shiny coats and look into their healthy happy eyes …. they always want to know what we feed our dogs. We were privileged to have our home bred yellow girl CH GoldenMoon’s Sunny Coreopsis, CGC, WC, JH, TDI  “Corey” be placed in the top winning dogs at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show in Madison Square Garden, NYC (the olympics of the dog breeding world) February 2010 and again in 2013 with “Marjie” our black lab. CH GoldenMoon’s Misty’s Spicy Marjoram CGC, WC, JH, TDI.  Those were  a breeder’s dream come true!  Dr Jane’s food & products have consistently produced superior dogs with soundness, intelligence, resilience, agility, and endurance for whatever task or competition.

Personally having 6 dogs ranging from newborns to almost 15.5 yrs old, we have found success with Dr. Jane Bicks.  From the beginning we have used all of the Life’s Abundance products and are always thrilled with new developments. Having a holistic approach to prevention and treatment of dogs, including Fish Oil for dogs, we regularly use all LA products for our loving companions ~ especially the fish oil for our pregnant bitches for superior fetal development and health of our momma girls. We also find it superb for our working, competition dogs along with the older ones for ultimate health, performance & inflammation issues.

From education to application the support of our Life’s Abundance Team is super.

I greatly value & appreciate their guidance, expertise, and friendship. It has given me new insight and enthusiasm for consumer direct marketing and for being part of an honest, supportive, and visionary team. We truly have been blessed. The ongoing residual income we earn monthly is just an added benefit on top of all of this. THANKS for the opportunity to share my thoughts!

Ellen & the GoldenMoon Labradors

Rep  #10030344