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Life’s Abundance is holistically balanced and provides the nutritional harmony that’s important to help your canine family member achieve and maintain optimal health.

The extensive recall of dog & cat food recently does not include any of our products. We have Life’s Abundance as an alternative to these recalled foods. Please click here to visit our web site for more information (and to order) the healthiest possible pet foods & products. Get up to a  20% discount and delivery to your door!

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All of our foods are formulated with select ingredients to help your puppy or dog grow and thrive.  With Life’s Abundance, you can be confident that you’re feeding advanced nutrition to help your dog achieve and maintain optimal health.

Life’s Abundance dog food recipes contain only the finest wholesome ingredients, like:

  • A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals
  • High-quality, multi-source proteins for growing muscles and healthy development
  • An antioxidant system including vitamins C and E
  • Prebiotic fiber and guaranteed probiotics
  • A selection of nutritious vegetables
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Enriched with DHA for canine smarts
  • Calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

To be the best dry dog food, these premium foods contain:

  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No corn, wheat, or corn/wheat glutens

Fresher food is more nutrient-rich.  While leading brands stockpile tons of food for months on end, our healthy dog food is made weekly in small batches, so it’s generally only 4 to 6 weeks old when it’s delivered.  When you buy this Life’s Abundance dog food, your sweet pup will benefit from our strict inventory controls and product safety considerations that are second to none.  Put your K-9 on the path to wellness.  Provide them with a recipe for a long and happy life.

  • A dog food recipe that canines really crave
  • Fresher than other brands – generally only 4 to 6 weeks old
  • Balance of protein, calories, and calcium
  • Holistically balanced for your dog’s optimal health
  • Made in the USA

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Please check out our full line of healthy dog and cat products and supplements for your precious pets!!!

We have canned dog foods too!! Delicious, succulent banquets made from turkey, shrimp, chicken, and crab.  Chock full of nutritious healthy fats, minerals, fruits, vegetables, and more.  Made in the USA.  Check them out here.

Also available – All Life Stage Grain Free Dog and Cat Food!

Adult Weight Loss Food!!! Compared to our original recipe, this weight-loss formula contains:

  • Less fat and fewer calories to help reduce and maintain a healthy weight, as well as an active and energetic lifestyle
  • Higher protein levels to aid metabolism and promote a lean, energetic body
  • Enhanced with L-carnitine to support healthy metabolism and weight management

Adult Weight-Loss Dog Food offers robust nutrition with ample nutrients to put the pep back in your pup!  For adult dogs only.

GoldenMoon Labradors uses and endorses all Life’s Abudance Foods and Products since 2002.  All of our puppies go home with a free bag and sample products of these most awesome healthy pet products available!

Giving Back ~Helping To Rescue Neglected & Unwanted Animals

Life’s Abundance non-profit arm, The Dr. Jane Foundation, is an organization absolutely committed to supporting a variety of animal rescue groups, all of which are dedicated to helping to rescue neglected and unwanted animals.

Every time you purchase a Life’s Abundance product, a portion of the profits are contributed to a fund that supports the operations of this organization. Thank you so much for your continued business! Together, we’re making a positive difference in the world, one animal at a time.

DELIVERED FRESH TO YOUR DOOR ~ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re looking for new Team Members. Go into business with your dog & earn extra money! We are passionate about helping you to lead an abundant life with your own home business.  See the many advantages of starting your own Life’s Abundance business.