Gone but Not Forgotten

Kind and gentle friends with us for such a short time.

Mt. Pleasant Abigail New Moon, CGC, CD, WC, JH, NA, TDI – “Abby”

Grandma Abby

Grandma Abby

Three generations of Golden Moon Labradors - Abby with Sunny and Corey.

Three generations of Golden Moon Labradors – Abby with Sunny and Corey.

Abby(almost 14) slipped into eternity peacefully this morning (April 22, 2010) while Larry & I held and loved her. It had just been a short time since we noticed that she wasn’t acting herself. She wouldn’t eat her breakfast – Abby NEVER refused food! Maybe her heart just got too tired and worn out. Last evening she walked a mile with her “pack” (as always) but seemed a bit more tired than usual. Abby, our tough, competitive, social, girl, never wanted to be left behind. Our beloved Foundation Bitch – the start of GoldenMoon Labradors Puppies – has gone to retrieve with her buddies – Judah & Molly- on Heaven’s shores.

Abby was the start of the journey that took us to Westminster this year. She was Corey’s grandmother & would have been Great Grandma to Corey’s puppies due to be born next week. Conformation show pointed & terrific tracking dog, she was the most determined and dedicated dog that I have ever trained. Her qualifying Jr Hunt score earned that day she completed her long-distance water retrieve showed us. In spite of the winged live duck in her mouth that continuously pecked her head the entire swim back to Larry & the judge, her soft mouth delivered the still lively duck that she could have easily crunched (even justified for the pain and aggravation) but chose not to. I thought I was doing the training, but she was the one that taught me many valuable lessons and lots of patience.

She absolutely loved & adored Larry – she performed for me J And very well, – She earned her Canine Good Citizen , Companion Dog Title in Obedience, Novice Agility Title & competed at the Open level, Working Certificate in field and achieved her Junior Hunter Title along with being a great certified Therapy Dog. She excelled at motherhood but I think she most enjoyed being a Grandma & Great-grandma to the babies…giving patience & training to the little ones.

Our happy-go-lucky, willing to do anything Grandma matriarch will never be replaced ~ The void she has left is tremendous…She is greatly missed.

Mt Pleasant Abigail New Moon, CGC, CD, WC,JH, NA, TDI July 23, 1996 ~ April 22, 2010

We are thankful that the Lord has entrusted us with the training and caretaking of our furry family. We are the ones that truly reap the Blessings and Rewards. Ellen and Larry

Aloways It’s About Time – “Molly”

Molly - April 2007

Molly – April 2007

We had to say Goodbye to Molly in April of 2007….

She was almost 10 years old. Since she had been “selectively eating” for about 1 & 1/2 weeks, I took Molly in for a vet visit. Looking healthy with lucious coat, and in good shape for her age, after her exam Dr. C. suggested blood work and x-rays. The blood looked good, the x-rays were questionable. With a further look by ultrasound and then exploratory surgery, our Grandma Girl had a baseball size mass on her spleen (tucked up and out of site/touch in her rib cage) above her stomach. It was life threatening and inoperable so Molly just drifted off into Eternity to join Judah in those endless green fields of Heaven. She went to sleep for the operation with her tail wagging and happy as always. Her “Teddy Bear ” sit, cuddly demeanor and loving eyes are soely missed but will be remembered fondly forever.

Right now we’re going through a period of vying for new pack positions since Molly was our alpha dog and pack leader.

Teary hugs and kisses,


Molly and her first litter, November 2004.

Molly and her first litter, November 2004.

One last hug from Mom, January 2005.

One last hug from Mom, January 2005.

“Judah” Ben James, CGC, CD, WC, WCX x 2, Registered Therapy Dog

March 24, 1993 ~ February 3, 2006

He was nearly 13, our very first Labrador – the beginning of GoldenMoon Labs, a blessing to have in our family. He taught us much about life… and death. He’s gone from our sight but never from our memory… gone from our hearing, but never from our hearts, gone from our touch but his presence is felt. A kinder, gentler, soul could not be found. In loving memory…


Smiling Judah – May 2005

Larry was inspired to write the following poem after we buried our best friend by the sumac trees on the hill that he loved:


I’ll be by the sumacs;
come and rest awhile with me.
As you pass on by with the others,
a smile I’m sure you will see.
Like the one I used to give you
as you came back down the hill –
near the end of days when
I couldn’t come but never lost my will.

So, I’ll be by the sumacs.
Come close and sit a while…
don’t forget my loving eyes,
and always remember my smile.


Judah in the Fall of 2005

Judah in the Fall of 2005

Judah is ready to go!

Judah is ready to go!