Joy and Hammy will be bred Spring 2019 ~ Puppies go-home summer 2019

GoldenMoon Labs is planning to breed when Joy comes in season... GoldenMoon's Coreyberry Joy of the Lord, CGC, BN, CD, NA, certified TDI  - "Joy"  will be bred to  AM GCH Belquest Conclusion's Banana Hammock  "Hammy".    Puppies are expected to go-home summer of 2019.

GoldenMoon's CoreyBerry Joy of the Lord, STAR, CGC, BN, CD, NA,  Certified Therapy Dog TDI

  • Born December 17, 2013
  • Black -...

New Addition to the GoldenMoon Labradors Family

2008_07_27SusieAndEllen8.5WksOldSusie, one of the puppies from Sunny's May 2008 litter with Stetson, has joined our family as one of our future hopefuls. Susie is a delightful soul - she is very pleasant and accepted by our pack as one of them. She plays, runs, sleeps, with them but is very attached to Ellen. She's quite the...

Genny earns her Junior Hunt Title

2008_05_25GennyLarryLast2LegsJrHtTitleCompleted-2In May 2008, Genny finished her Junior Hunt Title. We are planning on breeding her with Stetson when she comes in season (which we expect to be any day now). Update 6/12/08 - Genny is now in season. We are planning on breeding her with Stetson this weekend. Puppies will be due in mid-August with a go...