Golden Moon Labradors was started by Ellen and Larry Moon in 1993 because of their great love and high regard for the Labrador breed. Golden Moon Labradors is located on a farm just west of Frostburg, Maryland in the scenic mountains of Garrett County. We are not a large puppy breeding operation and typically have one to three litters per year. Our focus is on quality not quantity. Currently, we own six Labradors, who all live in our home. Two of our dogs are breeding age bitches.

Our Labradors are family members and household companions (often couch potatoes when not playing, training, or going for walks or adventures with their human family). We strive to train, compete, and title all of our dogs along with therapy work and service projects. It is our goal to breed and raise the all-around Labrador – one that is as healthy as possible (screening and testing w/certified clearances), as temperamentally-correct as possible (screening and selective breeding), as intelligent as possible (tested, titled, and selectively bred), and as conformationaly correct as possible in the colors of black and yellow. Our labs are sound around children and are titled in obedience, hunt/field, agility, Therapy Dogs International, and are started in tracking.

Our litters are raised in our home with hands-on close supervision and stimulation. Close attention is paid to nutritional excellence and a holistic approach to care. Please feel free to sign up for our free informational newsletter at this link.  Ellen, a certified vet-tech assistant, enjoys being the head nurse-maid and loves puppy whelping/care. Larry takes care of the housing logistics and is known to do his share of cuddling the precious little ones. Larry also enjoys sharing training responsibilities for hunt and field along with the actual Hunt Test Competitions.

Socializing our puppies with children is especially important.

By Maryland law the puppies must be eight weeks old before going to their new homes, so we pack as much playing, learning, training as is possible into them during those eight weeks. Each of the puppies has been started in crate training & potty training and has been exposed to many different surfaces, environments, noises, experiences, and people of all sizes. We also strive to expose our puppies to other dogs, many hands, and water – including a baby pool and pond visits (weather permitting). From three days to 16 days of age each puppy gets Early Neurological Stimulation, also known as biosensor. Isolation Exercises and Elevation Exercises are also included in the training. At approximately 5-6 weeks of age Massage Techniques used by Guiding Eyes for The Blind are introduced and the puppies receive regular massage as part of their daily routine.

Along with getting introduced to wings and gunshot – from a starter pistol – our puppies even get exposed and play practice on basic agility equipment to include tunnels (one that is 6 ft. long that they enjoy running through!!!), balance, dog-walk,slide, and over & through with a children’s playhouse. At seven weeks of age, all of our puppies are given the temperament test/evaluation. At eight weeks of age, they are given a structural evaluation. Based on these results, we place the puppies in the household that we feel will be best for them and for you considering your needs and reasons for wanting to adopt one of our puppies.

If you’re interested in starting the process to get on our waiting list please answer our Prospective Owner Questionnaire.

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